Regional and National Dance Events

Staging Perfected

Our team of staging experts works meticulously to ensure the utmost safety for dancers on stage. Staging for regional and national dance events requires attention to detail. These events require even surfaces free from debris or uneven lips that could trip or harm dancers on stage. Additionally, large dance groups need a stable stage free from swaying or abrupt movements to the stage. To achieve these needs, we use Stageright and AS2100 4′ X 8′ Decks. Stageright decks use specialized bases that create seamless flooring—bracing at each base makes for a strong, even, unwavering stage. Our AS2100 decking has flush mounting systems with legs and X-bracing to match the quality of our StageRight Decks. Our team maintains each deck and ensures every stage we set up is to the standard of excellence our clients have come to expect.

Specialized Lighting Packages

Lighting is crucial for a national dance event by creating a captivating and visually stunning performance. The lighting should enhance the dancers’ movements, set the mood, and highlight the important elements of the performance. One popular technique for dance lighting is using moving lights to create dynamic and engaging effects that follow the dancers’ movements. Another important consideration is color, as different colors can evoke different emotions and create a specific atmosphere. Our team works with choreographers to ensure that the lighting complements the performance and enhances the overall experience for the audience. Our team is well prepared to work with you to create an unforgettable atmosphere. 

Transport made simple

Our Fleet of tractor trailers with 53′ dry vans allows our team of drives to get the equipment where you need it when you need it. 

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