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audio Systems

One of the expectations from Christian Chapel for its auditorium upgrades was to improve the coverage of the audio system. Previous systems had multiple dead zones and “hotspots,” causing sound complaints from congregants. Our team took the task of even, full coverage sound to heart and started selecting products from our brands that would perfectly complement the space. L-Acoustics “K” Series Kiva Line arrays fit the room’s needs. L-Acoustics is a world-renowned audio speaker manufactured synonymous with quality and longevity. L-Acoustics has been the speaker company of choice by bands and churches across the US, used by groups such as the CMA Awards, Timberlake Church, Rihanna, and the Super Bowl, to name a few.

Performance Stage could precisely place speakers in the room to cover every seat without dead zones or hot spots. With expert drafting and audio-visual software, our audio engineers could position the speakers and ensure everything was perfect before purchasing or installing the equipment; this saves time and changes that can be costly to our clients. Our Riggers used these drawings to expertly place the speakers in the rafters and blend them into the room without being an eyesore for congregants. After the placement of speakers was complete, our team accessed the best arrangement of acoustic panels to deaden the room without removing the “live” sound feeling. Perdue Acoustic soundproofing was the choice option thanks to its unrivaled noise reduction. With all models comes inherently flame-retardant material and unlimited colors and custom covers. We could perfectly blend the panels into the design of the new sanctuary. We achieved the perfect mix of live and controlled sound using these soundproofing panels. Finally, our sound engineers began meticulously tuning the system to fit the space and make the sound as impressive as the design looked.

"Performance Stage's work is extremely high quality. They worked with us to create a unique solution for sliding an LED screen off-stage and built the custom track and rigging. They offer a full service and provide support in design through installation. They have up-to-date technology knowledge and helped provide the best solution to fit our needs and budget."
Andrew Squance
Christian Chapel Media Director

custom Led displays

Our custom modular LED screens created a captivating 19′ x 15′ display. Each 500mm x 500mm panel is locked together and jumps together with a power jumper; this allows for multiple configurations and changes required. This bright custom display works excellently with broadcast and photography cameras. Manufactured with the newest LED display technology and a 7-year warranty, these panels provide a long-term reliable solution for custom displays.

In addition to the custom size LED screens, our team had to devise a creative system to move the screen with a small crew. To do this, we rigged the screen to a track system that allows the screen to easily be pushed out of the center and hidden behind a wall to reveal the beautiful traditional stained glass; this better fits formal setting events (funerals, weddings, etc.).


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