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Specialty Stage for Wade’s RV

Specialty Stage for Wade’s RV

Little Wade never shies from adventure and that is precisely what we brought his clients at the annual Tulsa Boat, Sport, and Travel Show.  In order to maximize space in an expensive booth at the show, rather than taking up floor space with a sales counter, we worked with the crew at Wade’s RV to create a stage built on top of an RV over 10 feet in the air complete with a switchback step unit and safety rails to make their customers feel safe and also very special at the same time.

Nichols Marine

Nichols Marine Boat Show Stage

High end boats deserve a high end walkway and that’s just what we gave the folks at Nichols Marine.  Climbing into and out of boats from the ground poses a unique challenge, one which was answered in the form of our clean and stellar looking carpeted stage decks.  With the addition of some large 8’ wide walk ramps we were able to provide the boat show goers with easy access to step right into the many boats proudly displayed in the Nichols Marine booth.

2020 Chili Bowl Nationals

For eight years Performance Stage has provided special effects for the Chili Bowl Nationals. Each driver emerges from our tunnel filled with smoke and light and followed by a spot creating an exciting experience for spectators. Set up in 20 minutes and taken down in 10 minutes, we can quickly provide your needs when you need them and get them out of the way when you don’t. In addition to the tunnel, PSI provided stage lights and confetti. The winner finished his lap and walked on to the stage to claim his prize while confetti and lights shot into the sky, creating an unforgettable moment for the prize winner and spectators.

California Grand Invitational Presented by: Under Armour

Quickly becoming the nation’s premier gymnastics event, the California Grand Invitational Collegiate Challenge presented by Under Armour and produced by Gold Medal Gym relies on the expertise of Performance Stage, Inc. to provide the competition podium for elite NCAA athletes from around the country.  This season saw competition from Arizona State, UCLA, University of Denver, University of Oklahoma, Auburn University, University of California, Penn State and Stanford.  For this event, Performance Stage provided nearly 10,000 sq. ft. of decking to create a 36” tall stage, known as a “podium” in the gymnastics world for each of the events (Uneven Bars, Floor Exercise, Balance Beam and Vault).  In addition to the decking, Performance Stage has designed and manufactured a custom weight system to enable the tensioned lines in the Uneven bars to tie down to the top of the deck exactly like they would on a concrete or wood floor in an actual gym.  This eliminates the need for freestanding weights to be placed on top of the podium and in the way of the athletes and the spectators and instead moves them underneath the podium completely out of sight.  Full carpeting on top of the podium as well as around the entire perimeter of the podium was also provided and installed as part of this setup.

In addition to Staging, we also provide full production services including Truss, Rigging, Lighting, A/V, and production support.  Click the Request Quote link for your next event!

Color Run Tulsa

Billed as the Happiest 5K on the Planet, The Color Run is a unique twist on the traditional 5K race.  Performance Stage has been proud to partner with The Color Run for their Tulsa race as well as a number of races throughout the country.  For each race, we provide our 32′ x 24′ Mobile Stage and a rockin sound system for the festival at the end of the race.  The Color Run supplies a Zoomba instructor before the race and a DJ after the race, each of whom utilizes the stage to get the crowd pumped up and participating in the famous color throws.

At the start of each race, the runners line up into the start chute.  In keeping with the party atmosphere of the race, The Color Run supplies a DJ at the start line who keeps the crowd pumped up with the help of a 5-tower delayed audio system, making sure even the runners in the back of the chute get in on the action.

Northwest Arkansas Heart Walk

Performance Stage is proud to have had the opportunity to provide our 32′ x 24′ Hydraulic Mobile Stage for the American Heart Association’s Heart Walk in Northwest Arkansas on April 16, 2016.  Their mission of “Building healthier lives, free of cardiovascular diseases and stroke” is supported by annual heart walks all around the United States.

The money raised through the Heart Walk funds research, and initiatives that promote the prevention, treatment and better patient care in the areas of cardiovascular disease, the leading killer in the United States. The American Heart Association is the nation’s largest voluntary health organization dedicated to building healthier lives, free of heart disease and stroke.

The American Heart Association achieves this goal through promoting a range of lifesaving activities:

Improving patient care

Advocating for better health

Reaching out to populations at risk

Raising awareness

Protecting the future

Educating Americans

We at performance stage are proud to have been included as a part of the American Heart Associations noble effort to save lives!

See more about the American Heart Association at

Tulsa Ballet Install

Tulsa Ballet established the Tulsa Center for Dance Education in 2003. It is now considered the region’s leading ballet training facility, with an annual enrollment of about 400 students. Performance Stage is proud to install all of the curtain and track for the project on the new building in Broken Arrow.

The Gap Band

Muskogee celebration of Black Music Month featuring The Gap Band

The GAP Band got its start in Tulsa. The name stands for three Tulsa streets — Greenwood, Archer, and Pine.


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