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Whether you need a small PA for a wedding or an extensive audio system for a concert, we have your needs covered.  With a full range of active and passive loudspeakers from JBL, QSC, Turbosound, Yorkville, and VTC. Performance Stage is prepared to handle any size job.  We have several audio engineers who are ready for any event. If you don’t see the product you want below let us know. In some cases we can still rent products not shown on this page.


Yamaha M7CL-48
Midas M32 Live
Behringer X-32
Midas M32R-Live
QSC Touchmix 16
QSC Touchmix 8
Behringer X-Air 12
Allen & Heath Zed 10FX


QSC KLA 12 (Active Line Array)
YorkVille PSA1 Paraline (Active Line Array)
FBT 206LA (Active Line Array)
VTC EL210 (Passive Line Array)
Yorkville Unity U15P (Active Speaker)
TurboSound iQ 12" (Active Speaker)
QSC K-Series 8", 10" and 12" (Active Speaker)
Yorkville TX8 (Passive Speaker)
VTC FF1 (Passive Speaker)
Turbosound TFX122M-AN 12" (Active Stage Monitor)
VTC NS21P (Active Subwoofer)
QSC KW 181 (Active Subwoofer)
Turbosound Siena 18" (Active Subwoofer)
Yorkville UCS1P (Active Subwoofer)
Yorkville TX9 (Passive Subwoofer)
VTC ELS 212 (Passive Subwoofer)


Sennheiser G3 Series with Handheld, Lavalier, and Headset Mic
Shure SLX Series with Handheld Beta 58A Mic
Shure Beta 58 Corded Handheld Mic

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