Revolution Talent Competition, a member of the Star Dance Alliance is one of the nation’s largest and most successful Dance and Talent competitions.  Along with her sister companies NexStar, Believe, Imagine, StarPower and DreamMaker, the Star Dance Alliance annually holds hundreds of Dance and Talent competitions around the United States and Canada.  For the past two seasons, we have been involved in providing production equipment including Staging, Lighting, and Pipe & Drape for dozens of Star Dance Alliance shows from coast to coast.  This season literally had us as far west as Los Angeles, North and East to Massachusetts and South to New Orleans.  Our services included logistics, equipment, and technical expertise to deliver and assemble dance floor staging, pipe & drape, and lighting for each of the events we were part of.

Our product inventory is extensive and perfectly geared towards dance and talent competitions.  We recently acquired a brand new StageRight brand staging system which is ideal for dance competitions where a completely flat, seamless deck is critical to the competitor’s performance.  Lighting is accomplished primarily with LED instruments, minimizing the event electric bill and providing for a much more versatile look with the ability to change color and create lighting patterns as opposed to static conventional fixtures which are power hogs and only offer one static color.  Our Pipe & Drape inventory consists primarily of velour drape which presents a plush and elegant look for your event.  Drape as high as 16′ can be accomplished with our available hardware and softgoods.  In addition to lighting, staging, and pipe & drape we also have available professional audio and video to enhance your event.


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